We currently offer courses in Bass, Theory, and Production, with additional courses for Guitar and Drums in active development!


Each subject’s courses are broken out into three skill levels

Your account level is your key to which skill levels you have access to 

No matter what, you get access to all subjects (Bass, Theory, Production) regardless of account level! 

Information About Elementary Level Courses

Elementary level courses at Kitsune Music Academy are ideal for those who are just starting to learn music! No matter what your age is, nor your previous experience, our Elementary courses will help you understand music in a fundamental way. Even if you have taken lessons, or studied music in school, we still recommend to take our Elementary level courses – you may discover things you didn’t know that you did not know.

Information About Intermediate Level Courses

Intermediate level courses at Kitsune Music Academy are ideal for those who are looking to get a deeper knowledge of music! Perhaps you have finished all of our available Elementary level courses, and want to take a step forward; or maybe you have studied music in school, and have a good handle on the basics, but want to challenge yourself with some of the deeper nuances of music. No matter what, our Intermediate level courses will provide you with a challenge, and encourage you to pursue your creativity with a full set of tools!

Information About Advanced Level Courses

Advanced level courses at Kitsune Music Academy are perfect for those who are looking for a real challenge! These courses will be approaching complex topics – ones which are often not talked about until a college-level education in music. We will also step into concepts beyond what one would learn in a college education. These courses are truly designed for those who want to understand music in a granular way.

College students – these courses will be a great resource for you, we are happy to answer any questions you may have specific to your classes! (Though we won’t do your homework for you, sorry)

How Do The Courses Work?

Our courses on Kitsune Music Academy are designed with you, the student, in mind. We aim to give you information in bite-sized portions which are easy to absorb. The majority of the material will be presented to you in HD Videos, which are viewable from any device (Computer, Mobile, Tablet, etc). There are also quizzes to help you make sure you are retaining the information, and when you’ve finished our courses, you can celebrate with badges of your completed courses on your profile!

How Does Pricing Work?

Our goal at Kitsune Music Academy is to keep prices as affordable as possible for students, and giving you the best bang for your buck. When designing the pricing, we wanted to give the best value for education. If and when you compare KMA to traditional, private music lessons (usually at least $30 per lesson), we wanted to make sure the education we are providing is of the same quality, if not significantly higher.

As it stands, the current pricing structure for KMA is as follows:

Elementary subscriptions are $5/Month, or $50/Year ($10 Savings)
Intermediate subscriptions are $10/Month, or $100/Year ($20 Savings)
Advanced Subscriptions are $15/Month, or $150/Year ($30 Savings)

To subscribe, please click here!

I Am An Educator, And Would Like Subscriptions For My Students

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!! We love working with educators, and offer many options specifically for you and your students here at Kitsune Music Academy. Please send an e-mail directly, and we will get back to you with any and all details with regards to options for Educators.



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